The Best Ayurvedic Diet For your Body Type

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The Best Ayurvedic Diet
For your Body Type


Ayurveda bases it’s recommendation of which diet is appropriate for each one of us based on our elemental constitution called dosha.  There are 3 primary ayurvedic body types, and depending on your unique constitution Ayurveda recommends that you eat the foods that will best balance your elements.  If you already know your ayurvedic constitution then simply click on one of the buttons below to discover which ayurvedic diet plan is appropriate for your dosha.


If you don’t yet know your ayurvedic type then take this short 2 minute ayurveda test to help you discover your dosha.


What’s my Dosha?


If you are VATA click here >>

If you are PITTA click here >>

If you are KAPHA click here >>

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