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ayurveda test

Ayurveda Test

Step 1: Learn Your Ayurvedic Elemental Constitution

The key to Ayurvedic healing is in the understanding of each individual’s unique elemental constitution.  This allows Ayurveda to treat each person’s unique health situation in the appropriate, applicable and compassionate ways that address their deepest individual health needs.  Unlike other medical models which prescribe the same remedy for the masses, Ayurveda recognizes each individual’s unique personal balance.  By identifying the elemental proportions of each individual Ayurveda facilitates the selection of not only the proper herbal remedies they require but also the ideal diet, exercise and daily rhythms which together promote the balanced lifestyle necessary for optimal health.

Ayurveda categorizes the elemental balance of individual humans, animals, plants and even minerals much in the same way that modern chemistry analyses the elemental composition of various substances through the periodic table of elements.  Ayurveda, however, uses a much simpler and efficient model based on the archetypical energies of the 5 great elements – earth, water, fire, air and space.  Once properly diagnosed it is easier to view oneself as an archetypical elemental body/mind type, rather than a chemical composite.  This helps you take your health into your own hands by choosing the herbs, foods and rhythms which enhance your personal balance.  To simplify and empower us even further the 5 elements are grouped into 3 pairs:

  • Space and Air combined together is called Vata
  • Fire and Water combined  together is called Pitta
  • Water and Earth combined together is called Kapha

These 3 elemental constitutions Vata, Pitta and Kapha are at the heart of all Ayurvedic treatments.  Once you know your elemental type it is simply a matter of discovering which herbs, diet and lifestyle choices bring your constitution into balance by reducing excesses or increasing deficiencies.

Below you can use our simple Ayurveda Test to help you self-diagnose your Ayurvedic body/mind constitution.  Answer the questions honestly, while viewing yourself through the general patterns that have been true throughout your adult life, not just as you are right now.  Once you complete it click the appropriate button below to learn more about your personal constitution.


If you are VATA go to the Next Step >>
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