Step 3: Ayurvedic Healing

ayurvedic healing

Find Your Herbs

Step 3: Discover Your Ayurvedic Healing Herbs


Having learned about your constitution, it’s now time to choose which herbal categories are best for you.  Generally Ayurveda categorizes herbal treatments into 3 classes.


Option 1: Rejuvenation

For those with near perfect health who are ready to use herbs to increase vitality, enhance longevity, and develop the nervous system by awakening the brain to increase intelligence, expand awareness, and spirituality.  Explore these herbal phytogens that Enhance the Life Force & Induce Lucidity:


Rejuvenation Herbs

Option 2: Optimization

For those with o.k. health but can use a herbal boost in certain areas.


Option 3: Ailments

For those suffering from a particular health concern you can use this table of health concerns to find and cure your ailment with the Ayurvedic healing herbs.

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If you are not sure what you need we recommend that everyone take Guduchi for 40 days to detox, revitalize and enhance their health.  It is an Ayurvedic miracle herb that can treat almost every condition.  It works by first removing toxins, then renewing the life-force and enhancing brain function.
Learn About Guduchi’s Amazing Healing Properties

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