Step 2. Learn About Vata Dosha

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Learn About Your Dosha

Step 2: Your Personal Elemental Profile

Now that you know that you are primarily Vata Dosha it is important to learn more about what Ayurveda recommends for your unique constitution.  Everything is interconnected and before you discover which herbs are best for you it helps to adjust your diet and lifestyle based on as many of these recommendations as applicable to you, so that a complete healing foundation is established.

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The Vata Personality is coming soon!


Amaranth* Durham flour Oats cooked Pancakes Quinoa Pasta** Polenta** Rice all kinds Rice cakes** Seitan wheat meat Sprouted wheat bread Wheat


Lentils red* Mung Beans Mung dal Soy cheese* Soy milk Soy Sauce Tofu* Tur dal Urad dal


Butter Butter milk Cheese hard* Cheese soft Cottage cheese Cow’s milk Ghee Goat’s cheese Goat’s milk Ice cream* Sour cream* Yoghurt diluted* Yoghurt Spiced*


Beef Buffalo Chicken dark, white Duck Eggs Fish all Salmon Sardines Seafood Shrimp Tuna Turkey dark


Apples cooked Apple sauce Bananas Berries Cherries Coconut Dates fresh Figs fresh Grapefruit Grapes Kiwi Lemons Limes Mangos Melons sweet Oranges Peaches Pineapple Plums Prunes soaked* Raisins soaked* Raisins dry* Rhubarb Strawberries Tamarind


Asparagus Beets Beets greens** Cabbage cooked* Carrots Cauliflower* Cilantro Cucumber Daikon radish* Fennel Anise Fresh Corn** Garlic Green beans Green Chilies Jerusalem artichoke* Leafy greens* Leeks Lettuce* Mustard greens* Okra Olives, Black Onions cooked parsley* Parsnip Peas cooked Potatoes sweet Pumpkin Radishes cooked Rutabaga Spaghetti squash* Spinach cooked Spinach raw Sprouts Squash summer Taro root Tapioca Tomatoes cooked* Turnip greens* Watercress Zucchini


Ajwain Allspice Almond extract Anise Asafoetida (hing) Basil Bay leaf Black pepper Caraway Cardamom Cayenne* Cinnamon Cloves Coriander Cumin Dill Fennel Fenugreek* Garlic Ginger Marjoram Mint Mustard seeds Nutmeg Orange peel Oregano Paprika Parsley Peppermint Pippali Poppy seeds Rosemary Saffron Salt Savory Spearmint Star anise Tarragon Thyme Turmeric Vanilla Wintergreen


Alfalfa** Ajwain Barley** Bancha Borage** Catnip Chamomile Cinnamon** Chicory* Chrysanthemum* Clove Comfrey Elder Flower Eucalyptus Fennel Fenugreek Ginger (fresh) Hawthorne Hops** Jasmine* Juniper berry kukicha* Lavender Lemon grass Lemon balm** Licorice Marshmallow Nettle** Oat straw Orange peel Passionflower** Pennyroyal Peppermint Raspberry* Red Clover** Red Ginger* * Rosehips Saffron Sage Sarsaparilla Sassafras Spearmint Strawberry* Violet** Yerba mate** Wintergreen*


Sesame Ghee Olive   External use only: Coconut Avocado


Alcohol (beer; white wine)* Almond milk Aloe vera juice Apple cider Apricot juice Berry juice (except for cranberry) Carob* Carrot juice Chai (hot spiced milk) Cherry juice Grain “coffee” Grape juice Grapefruit juice Lemonade Mango juice Miso broth Orange juice Papaya juice Peach nectar Pineapple juice Rice milk Sour juices Soy milk (hot & well spiced)* Vegetable bouillon


Barley malt Fructose Fruit juice concentrates Honey Jaggery Maple syrup Molasses Rice syrup Dried or fresh sugar cane juice


Aloe vera juice* Bee pollen Amino acids Minerals: calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, Royal jelly Spirolina, Blue-green algae Vitamins: A, Bi, B2, B6, 612, C, D, E, P and Folic Acid

The Vata Cleanse is coming soon!

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Vata DoshaLifestyle advice is coming soon!
Vata Imbalance concerns are coming soon!


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