Hair Loss

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss


Ayurvedic Hair Loss Treatment

Recipe #1:


1 cup                      Hibiscus flowers


Process:  Make juice and apply directly on to hair.  Keep it on for one hour and then rinse off in the shower.

Usage/Dosage:  3x weekly, until hair loss is stopped.

Recipe #2:


2 cups             Fresh Hibiscus flowers (any color)

2 cups             Sesame oil


Process:  Boil Oil in pan over medium/high heat, add flowers, stir till flowers dry out and juices are absorbed in oil.  Cool, filter and then massage into scalp. 

Usage/Dosage:  Use whatever amount is needed for hair, and store the rest for another application. Massage well and leave it on for 20 minutes, Wash and Rinse off. Every 2 days until hair loss is stopped.

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