Organic Shatavari

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Organic Shatavari
-Hormonal Balance-

Shatavari root is a superb tonic for the female reproductive system as it tones and cleanses the uterus.  It is renowned as the foremost herb for the gynecological balancing of the female menstrual cycle.  It cools the symptoms of inflammation during menstruation & menopause, increases fertility and reduces emotional irritability.
Best for the body types which are either:

Menstrual Regulator

Shatavari is a gynaecological tonic which brings balance to the female menstrual cycle. It effectively treats both dysmenorrhoea and menorrhagia and brings regularity to feminine rhythms in a completely natural way. It’s tonic effects also target the nerves and reduce symptoms of emotional irritabilityabdominal cramping and headaches.

Reproductive Toner

Shatavari benefits all stages of life and can support the transitions from puberty to adulthood to motherhood and into the post-menopausal age. At youth it promotes healthy menstruation, in adulthood it increases fertility and prevents miscarriage, in motherhood it supports lactation, and cools hot flashes and inflammation during menopause.

Fertility Enhancer

Shatavari powder has the unique ability to increase female fertility by cooling the uterus and vaginal inflammation making it ideal for women who choose to give birth later in life.


Shatavari benefits male and female sexual dysfunction and reproductive problems by increasing sperm count in men and sexual arousal in women .

Other Indications: ulcers, insomnia, urinary issues

Ayurvedic Properties

  • Gives strength
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Rejuvenator
  • Promotes menses
  • Promotes fertility
  • Prevents miscarriage
  • Increases Ojas (Vital Force)
  • Nourishes breast milk and promotes lactation
  • Diuretic
  • Promotes sperm production
  • Purifies sperm
  • Benefits eyesight

Dosha: Reduces Vata and Pitta, Increases Kapha

Rasa (taste): Bitter, sweet

Virya (energy): Cooling

Vipaka (post-digestive effect): Sweet

Guna (quality): Unctuous, heavy

Dhatu (tissue): All tissues

Srotas (channel): Digestive, Female Reproductive, Respiratory

Recommended Shatavari Dosage

Preventative: 6 caps daily (3 gr.)

To Optimize Health: 10 caps daily(5 gr.)

To Treat Disease: 20 caps daily (10 gr.)


Preventative: Safe For Long Term Use

To Optimize Health: 2-3 Months

To Treat Disease: Until Symptoms Are Relived

Shatavari Side effects & Contraindications

Acute Lung Congestion, Obesity, Weak Digestion

Shatavari Reviews:  Coming soon!

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