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-Energy Booster-

A superb cleanser of the digestive tract Triphala is a rejuvenative which increase red blood cell count, nourishes the bones and contains large amounts of Vitamin C. Its antioxidant qualities strengthen and cleanse the liver, while maintaining and nourishing new tissue growth. triphala-benefits

Ideal for all 3 body types


Intestinal Cleanser

Triphala benefits the entire digestive tract by improving the uptake and assimilation of nutrients in the stomach and intestines.  Its sour taste stimulates digestion while its cooling properties relieves acidity in the stomach and heals ulcers and gastritis.

Bowel Balancer

Triphala powder acts as a laxative providing relief for constipation when taken in large doses or relieves diarrhoea and other loose stool symptoms taken in smaller doses.  This dual function along with the digestive aid it offers reduces irritation and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract.

Heart Tonic

Triphala benefits & purifies the blood, reduces elevated cholesterol levels and heals arterial damage.  Its blood cleansing properties can be used to treat palpitations, arrhythmia and anaemia.

Metabolic Booster

Triphala is an adaptogen capable of boosting immune function and balancing blood sugar levels in the case of diabetes.  It cleanses the liver and can prevent auto-immune disorders and can aid in the healing of the toxic side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

Other Triphala Benefits

eye disorders, hair loss, nausea

Ayurvedic Properties

  • Rejuvenative which promotes energy
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Increases reproductive fluids
  • Increases sexual potency
  • Heart tonic
  • Awakens digestion
  • Purifies and nourishes the blood
  • Destroys urinary diseases and diabetes
  • Tonic to the mind
  • Laxative
  • Benefits the eyes
Dosha: Reduces Vata, Pitta and Kapha Rasa (taste): Sour, Astringent, Bitter, Sweet, Pungent Virya (energy): Cooling Vipaka (post-digestive effect): Sweet Guna (quality): Light, dry Dhatu (tissue): All tissues Srotas (channel): Digestive, Circulation, Elimination
Triphala Dosage Preventative: 2 caps daily (1 gr.) To Optimize Health: 10 caps daily(5 gr.) To Treat Disease: 20 caps daily (10 gr.)
Duration Preventative: Safe For Long Term Use To Optimize Health: 2-3 Months To Treat Disease: Until Symptoms Are Relived
Triphala Side Effects & Contra-indications Severe Diarrhea
Triphala reviews: Coming Soon!

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