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-Mind Clarifier-

Known for inducing lucidity in the mind, vacha (calamus) is a brain tonic which promotes higher mental functions. It is an ideal herb for meditators, students, musicians and all who need deep focus and attention in their work. vacha


 Best for the body types which are either:


Opens the Mind

Vacha specifically targets the nervous system and penetrates deep into the brain tissues.  It scrapes toxins from the subtle channels in the mind and opens the nadis of the higher chakras.  Treats headachemental stresslaziness, and emotional imbalance,

Aids Concentration

Vacha’s heating qualities stimulate the brain and increase alertness and focus.  It significantly aids information absorption and memory recall as it promotes cerebral circulation.  It a curative for memory loss,  and any attention deficit disorders. 

Enhances Speech & Lungs

Vacha is a subtle purificatory herb that has an affinity for the throat chakra and removes obstructions to clear expression.  It clears the throat of mucus and opens the lungs promoting fuller respiration.  Used in cases of speech impediments, stuttering, cough and cold, sinus congestion, nasal polyps

Clears Confusion

Vacha acts as a remedy for mental stagnation of all degrees. It awakens latent cerebral functions which when inactive can cause depression, grief, mental handicap, and post-stroke symptoms. Other Indications: obesity, worms, dyspepsia, urinary infections, epilepsy


Ayurvedic Properties

  • Awakens digestive fire
  • Digests toxins
  • Scrapes out accumulations
  • Removes accumulated doshas from the tissues
  • Destroys worms
  • Benefits emotional problems
  • Used to treat epilepsy
  • Restores consciousness
  • Rejuvenative to the mind
  • Purges the orifices of the head of toxins
  • Laxative
Dosha:  Reduces Vata and Kapha, Increases Pitta Rasa (taste): Pungent, bitter, astringent Virya (energy) Heating Vipaka (post-digestive effect): Pungent Guna (quality): Dry, light, penetrating Dhatu (tissue): Plasma, muscle, fat, nerve, reproductive Srotas (channel): Nervous, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, reproductive

Recommended Vacha Dosage

Preventative: 2 caps daily (1 gr.) To Optimize Health: 4 caps daily (2 gr.) To Treat Disease: 6 caps daily (3 gr.)


Preventative: Safe For Long Term Use To Optimize Health: 2-3 Months To Treat Disease: Until Symptoms Are Relived

Vacha Side Effects & Contra-indications Can induce vomiting in doses above 5gr./day. Pregnancy or breast feeding.
Vacha Reviews:  Coming soon!

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