Coconut Oil – A Perfect Example of Nature’s Medicinal Wonders

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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, considered to be a Super Food of our day, is one of the healthiest oils in the world.  Increasing your metabolism & reducing the number of fat cells in the body, Coconut Oil is used for effective weight loss & healthy weight maintenance.

Controlling diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels, Coconut Oil also provides sustained energy levels for your daily activities & for those times that require great endurance & perseverance. A remedy for vaginal yeast & bladder infections, Coconut Oil contains Caprylic acid which combats yeast & molds commonly responsible in such infections, and Lauric Acid, which is said to combat the presence of bacteria, viruses, and fungus in the body. As a Rejuvenative, Coconut oil protects against free radical damage & maintains anti-oxidant reserves thereby slowing down the aging process.  Furthermore, Coconut Oil is said to improve liver functioning & digestion, and help heal the lining of the bowels, both of which are critical for health & vitality,  & the prevention of disease. This Super Food is also said to maintain healthy cholesterol & blood pressure levels, and prevents heart disease.

Coconut Oil is most widely known for its beauty & health benefits for the skin & hair.  Providing soft & smooth skin, and reducing stretch marks, allergies & rashes, Coconut Oil has a reputation for its healing qualities for our skin. As a Rejuvenative that prevents hair loss, dandruff, and repairs damaged & colored hair, Coconut Oil nourishes & strengthens the hair for healthy growth & luster.

Coconut Oil is a perfect example of nature’s medicinal wonders.

Recommended use for adults to receive its health benefits is 1-6 tablespoon/day.


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Lily Goncalves Yoga Teacher and Herbal Healer

Lily Goncalves Yoga Teacher and Herbal Healer

Lily’s passion for yoga and ayurveda has brought her to seek out the heart of yoga and its ancient wisdom, to embody a holistic approach to yoga that is about living our true essence. Having learnt the traditional ayurvedic herbal remedies of South India from her Enlightened Teacher, Amma Shri Karunamayi, in South India, Lily shares her knowledge of these natural herbal medicines to heal and nurture all.
Lily Goncalves Yoga Teacher and Herbal Healer
Lily Goncalves Yoga Teacher and Herbal Healer
Lily Goncalves Yoga Teacher and Herbal Healer

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