Coconut Oil – A Perfect Example of Nature’s Medicinal Wonders

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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, considered to be a Super Food of our day, is one of the healthiest oils in the world.  Increasing your metabolism & reducing the number of fat cells in the body, Coconut Oil is used for effective weight loss & healthy weight maintenance.

Controlling diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels, Coconut Oil also provides sustained energy levels for your daily activities & for those times that require great endurance & perseverance. A remedy for vaginal yeast & bladder infections, Coconut Oil contains Caprylic acid which combats yeast & molds commonly responsible in such infections, and Lauric Acid, which is said to combat the presence of bacteria, viruses, and fungus in the body. As a Rejuvenative, Coconut oil protects against free radical damage & maintains anti-oxidant reserves thereby slowing down the aging process.  Furthermore, Coconut Oil is said to improve liver functioning & digestion, and help heal the lining of the bowels, both of which are critical for health & vitality,  & the prevention of disease. This Super Food is also said to maintain healthy cholesterol & blood pressure levels, and prevents heart disease.

Coconut Oil is most widely known for its beauty & health benefits for the skin & hair.  Providing soft & smooth skin, and reducing stretch marks, allergies & rashes, Coconut Oil has a reputation for its healing qualities for our skin. As a Rejuvenative that prevents hair loss, dandruff, and repairs damaged & colored hair, Coconut Oil nourishes & strengthens the hair for healthy growth & luster.

Coconut Oil is a perfect example of nature’s medicinal wonders.

Recommended use for adults to receive its health benefits is 1-6 tablespoon/day.


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